What exactly is Stick&Ball

Stick&Ball is a type of training practiced by both new and old polo players. The main goal of playing Stick&Ball is to develop muscle memory and further improve your own personal style of playing. Stick&Ball is also a great warm-up for both players and the ponies before a normal game of polo. More precisely this […]

The Very First Polo App Game

Stick&Ball is a vintage style app game with hand-made drawings made by a talented artist Inga Stawińska. As artists, designers and polo enthusiasts we have created the unique mobile Polo App Game. The main aim behind the game’s creation was to share our passion for equine sports. People are not interested in this sports genre as for […]

Stick&Ball The Game of Kings

Allow me to introduce you to the most royal of all stick and ball type of games. Polo is a team sport played on horseback. The objective is to score goals against an opposing team. Players score by driving a small white usually plastic ball into the opposing team’s goal. A long-handled wooden hammer known […]

Training Stick&Ball is not easy

Polo players, like all sportsmen, have to work on the strength of all parts of their body. They particularly have to focus on flexibility and their core. Although polo players, like Adolfo Cambiaso and the Novillo-Astrada brothers, look fit on the horse, look at them when they come off it. Look at their shoulders, the […]