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The Very First Polo App Game

Stick&Ball is a vintage style app game with hand-made drawings made by a talented artist Inga Stawińska.

As artists, designers and polo enthusiasts we have created the unique mobile Polo App Game. The main aim behind the game’s creation was to share our passion for equine sports. People are not interested in this sports genre as for example football or basketball, especially in the newer generations. Thus, we have decided that making polo into an app game would allow us to broaden it’s availability. Therefore make younger audiences more interested in the game of kings.

The main aim of the game is to make it easy in terms of rules and gameplay for everyone. Including those that play polo and those that have never tried it. The Stick&Ball app allows you to play three different kinds of polo: beach polo, snow polo or classic polo on grass. Those are where the most popular polo tournaments take place. Forbes business magazine wrote about the Stick&Ball app. The article presented the readers with statistics the following statistics. So far 44 countries have experienced our game so far. Thus helping to make polo a much more popular game in the World. The polo player in our game was based on a real life 3 goal polo player from Argentina Roman Rampello. Santiago Novillo Astrada lent his voice to the player character.

Keep Calm and Play Polo.