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What exactly is Stick&Ball

Stick&Ball is a type of training practiced by both new and old polo players.

The main goal of playing Stick&Ball is to develop muscle memory and further improve your own personal style of playing. Stick&Ball is also a great warm-up for both players and the ponies before a normal game of polo. More precisely this kind of training prevents injuries and gets ponies ready for immediate fast-paced action. If you are heavily engaged in polo tournaments, then you should train your ponies by playing Stick&Ball around 3 to 4 times a week. Players hit the ball with a specialised long wooden mallet with a hammer-like head. Names of shots are derived from the sides of the pony, from which the mallet is swung:

• The “near side” is the left side of the mount (horse).

•The “off side” is the right side of the mount (horse).

The three main type of swings practiced in Stick&Ball are:

• Off Side Forehand Swing
– the mallet is swung forward or laterally in a circular motion on the pony’s off side. This shot is the most common because it produces the most powerful hit.

• Off Side Backhand Swing
 the mallet is swung in the opposite direction of travel (backward) on the pony’s off side. It is usually used to pass the ball in pinch situations.

• Tapping
Is a practice of positioning the ball, so that the shot can be more accurate.

Stick&Ball can be played solo, although it is recommended to play  with other players, since when you play with a team you’re not only improving yourself, you are also improving the team’s condition and strategic play.

Our game is based on this type of practice, the frame perfect animations allow you to practice your timing and the gameplay provides the essential feeling of Stick&Ball practice.


Keep Calm and Play Polo.