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Training Stick&Ball is not easy

Polo players, like all sportsmen, have to work on the strength of all parts of their body.

They particularly have to focus on flexibility and their core. Although polo players, like Adolfo Cambiaso and the Novillo-Astrada brothers, look fit on the horse, look at them when they come off it. Look at their shoulders, the way they walk. They have a lot of groin injuries. It is a good indicator of what they go through.

Polo players need posture, core, and flexibility; they need to maintain that as a fundamental. Strength-work and weights are the foundation, but what I’m looking at is strengthening the cores of these polo players and educating them on the fundamentals of core training. Polo players basically do cross-training work over the winter. It could be as simple as a brisk walk, but also cycling, swimming, yoga and pilates. When you think about a horse going at a certain speed and the collisions, you’ve got to be able to control it. You’ve got to have a strong body to cope with those collisions.

Polo players are probably in the top 10 sports for endurance. If you take a polo player off a horse, the top level players would make good golfers because of the hand-eye coordination, and also good squash players. But what is the best course of action when you’re trying to stay in shape? Keep it very simple. The plank and press-ups and mini circuits are key; 30-minutes-a-day workout, three times a week. That will keep you fit over the winter months. Most polo players don’t like the gym but, if that’s the case, go and play some racketball or swim. That will increase your cardio. Do it! You won’t regret it.

Keep Calm and Play Polo.